The Mutant League

2017-2018 Eligible Keepers

2017-2018 Draft Order

  1. Left Sharks
  2. Etem then Poop'em
  3. Ducks Dynasty
  4. The Mighty Chucks
  5. Coopersmiths
  6. PuckTales
  7. Bruisers
  8. Red Wings
  9. Penguins
  10. Black Mesa


  1. Roster Size, Stats, and Team Limit
    1. 20 man rosters
      • 3 Centers
      • 2 Right Wingers
      • 2 Left Wingers
      • 1 Winger
      • 4 Defensemen
      • 2 Utility
      • 2 Goalies
      • 4 Benched Players
      • 3 Injury Reserve+ (IR and DTD)
    2. Stat Categories
      • Goals
      • Assists
      • +/-
      • Shooting Percentage (SH%)
      • Power-Play Points
      • Short-Handed Points
      • Shots on Goal
      • Faceoffs Won
      • Hits
      • Blocked Shots
      • Goalie Wins
      • Goals Allowed Average
      • Saves
      • Save Percentage
      • Shutouts
    3. Changes to Roster Size and Stat Categories require a 2/3 vote.
  2. Trade Deadline
    1. The trade deadline will be at least 1 week after the NHL deadline.
  3. Keeper restrictions
    1. Maximum of 4 Eligible Keepers must be chosen every year.
      • Teams entering the league take ownership of the abandoned roster, and may keep up to 4 Eligible Keepers.
    2. Keepers must be chosen at least a week before the scheduled draft.
      • Allows other teams to know who's available in the draft.
    3. Keepers must remain on your roster the entire season.
      • Exceptions include retirement, or extreme situations (Ie. Alexei Yashin, leaves league, no longer plays)
      • Injuries are not an exception (use IR slot or trade away).
      • If a keeper is dropped for a team, that team will lose one of their maximum keepers the following season.
  4. Keeper Draft
    1. Draft order is determined by the standings at the end of the Fantasy regular season.
      • Ie. Last place gets the #1 pick. First place gets the last pick.
    2. A maximum of 1 goalie Eligible Keepers may be drafted per year.
      • For fairness of other teams and because there are so few goalies in the league.
  5. Eligible Keepers
    1. An Eligible Keeper must be on your roster from the trade deadline until the completion of the season.
    2. Players who were drafted in the first 5 rounds are NOT allowed to be kept. They will re-enter the draft pool every year.
    3. Eligible Keepers must be drafted in the round they were originally drafted in.
      • Free agents may be drafted in the lastest round possible.
      • Any conflict will move to an earlier draft position. Ie. two 12th round keepers can be taken in the 11th and 12th round. These players will now stay at their KEPT draft position. I.E. if in the following year the keeper that was placed in the 11th round was to be kept again, he will remain in the 11th round. He will not go back to 12. This goes for FAs as well.
    4. You may only keep a player for a maximum term of 2 years. After that, they are released back into the draft pool. Initial draft year does not count as part of the term.
      • Keepers that are traded still adhere to this rule. Ie. A 1st year Keeper that is traded can only be kept for 1 year by the receiving team.
    5. Traded draft players retain their draft/kept position and term.
  6. Trading draft picks.
    1. Teams may exchange a draft pick for the following season as part of a trade.
    2. At least one player must be exchanged from both teams as part of the trade.
    3. Teams who trade away a draft pick can keep a player that they drafted in that position. However, that players moves to an earlier round. I.E. if a team trades away their 8th round draft pick and want to keep their 8th round drafted player, he will move to the 7th. (NOTE: if you trade away your 6th round, you can not keep your 6th round draft pick because he will move to the 5th and can’t be kept there.
    4. Vetoes are in place, set by Yahoo. Each team can vetoa trade. If 1/3 of the teams veto, the trade is cancelled.
  7. Buy-In and Prizes
    1. Every team must pay a $30 Buy-In
      • Failure to do so after the first month will result in a roster lock.
      • Buy-In amount shall be agreed upon by all teams.
    2. The top 3 teams will receive prize money. Currently:
      • 1st place - $205
      • 2nd place - $65
      • 3rd place - $30
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